health, safety and environmental policy

At Cornerstone Valve, we strongly believe the safety of our employees must be a paramount concern for everyone in the organization. Our people are the true wealth of our organization.

The purpose of our safety program is to keep our most important asset, our people, safe and healthy. This effort is ongoing and continually refined. Changes may occur from time to time due to updates to our safety manual. This safety manual should be considered a “living document” with changes being made as necessary or as the working environment dictates.

Employees will be informed and trained as the latest information or industry updates are incorporated into this safety manual. All employees are authorized and obligated to pause any task that is clearly unsafe until safety issues can be resolved.

The Cornerstone Valve safety manual provides all employees of our organization with safe operating practices, guidelines, and rules to be used in our daily operations. They specify standards of behavior, procedures for work tasks, and safe working requirements. Users of this manual should understand that this manual is only a safety guideline. There can be no substitute for a positive work attitude and individual awareness of the work environment.

We welcome your input and advice on how we can make the policies and procedures in this manual work for us and stand out as a great example envied by any organization.

V Gupta
CEO, Cornerstone Valve

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