Quality Management

When reliability is a must, why take a chance on product integrity?

Quality is a cornerstone of our company and a part of our basic philosophy of Quality, Integrity, and Performance first and above all else. Cornerstone Valve’s quality program has encompassed key aspects for the manufacturing of severe valve products.  

  1. Product Quality Assurance: This involves ensuring that all valves manufactured meet the required specifications and standards. It includes rigorous testing procedures at various stages of production to identify any defects or deviations from standards.

  2. Supply Chain and Material Selection: High-quality materials may be crucial for severe valve applications due to the harsh operating conditions they endure. Cornerstone Valve has a robust supply chain for sourcing materials and conducts thorough vetting of suppliers to verify their suitability for the intended source of materials or services.

  3. Manufacturing Processes: Cornerstone Vale has employed advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment to produce valves with consistent quality. This includes precision machining, welding, and assembly processes, along with stringent quality control measures at each step. These activities are monitored whether they are performed in-house or through our approved suppliers. 

  4. Testing and Inspection: Comprehensive testing and inspection protocols are adapted in Cornerstone Valve to validate the performance and durability of our products. This may include hydrostatic testing, pressure testing, material analysis, and non-destructive testing methods to detect any flaws or weaknesses.

  5. Quality Management System: A robust quality management system is critical for maintaining consistency and continuous improvement in product quality. This involves documented procedures, training programs, corrective and preventive actions, and regular audits to monitor adherence to quality standards. Cornerstone Valve’s QMS program is registered/certified through ABS for ISO 9001:2015 and we have also incorporated and comply with the requirements of API Spec Q1.

  6. Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, our goal of maintaining high product quality is to ensure customer satisfaction. This involves not only delivering reliable products but also providing excellent customer service, technical support, and responsiveness to customer feedback and inquiries.

By focusing on these key areas, Cornerstone Valve has established a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable products that meet or exceed the demanding requirements of severe service ball valve industries.

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