Manufacturing and Engineering

Solutions we provide: 

  • Specialty Ball Valves  
  • Fit-for-Purpose  
  • Made in America  
  • Quick turn-around  
  • Custom Engineered  
  • Non-standard solutions  
  • Small quantities available​  
  • Quality, Reliable and Durable Solutions
  • Used in applications from Steam to Sea water  
  • Manufactured per contract, quality, certification and specific requirement 

Custom Engineering 

Cornerstone has been privileged to design and provide specialty valves for space launches, oil and gas operations, plus workhorse valves that have replaced and outlasted other valves twenty-fold! 

Severe Service Valves

Our Severe Service Testing includes: 

  • hydrostatic testing to 30kpsi 
  • nitrogen gas testing to 20kpsi 
  • submerged nitrogen testing 
  • helium testing to 20k 
    (inc. fugitive emissions testing, ammonia) 
  • cryo testing to -320F 
  • fire test certified to 6FA API 607 
  • operating conditions to 1650F 
  • fire test by design 

Extreme Valves  
Proficiency isn’t just in supplying high-quality valves that control the flow of various substances but in understanding the intricacies of your operation in hostile environments. Our solutions are designed not just for efficiency and durability but with a keen eye on safety protocols, ensuring that the risks to human life are minimized and that operations can continue smoothly without unexpected interruptions. 

Management Solutions

Standard operating procedure at Cornerstone Valve includes: 

  • Custom valve testing 
  • Every valve tested, cycled fully leakage verified where applicable to industrial API, ISO/ANSI standards. 
  • All testing and inspection data points are documented. 
  • A complete design package for every manufactured valve. 
  • Valves are certified to customer requirement and applicable design standard. 

Documentation and Traceability

Utilization of a 34 year, consolidated, electronic database of: 

Legacy valve drawings, datasheets, O&M, project details, revisions, supply chain history, communications, warranties, and much more…

Aftermarket Support

Repair Service 
In-house repair call 281-880-8188 

On-site repair – aftermarket support by our trained and certified field service personnel are ready and available to be transported to the installed valve at your onshore or offshore site. 

Cornerstone’s personnel are available to train your staff in the operation and maintenance of valve products. 

Part of Cornerstone’s mission is to help educate clients in the selection of options available to each valve and the importance of those choices. We want to be your partner in developing the valve for your business. 

Aftermarket support for repair components and establishment of support for installed base. 

  1. Lease offerings for repurposed design work – 
  2.  Field service oversight
  3. Accreditation of Distributors and Representatives with Emerson Impact Partner Network to manage installation, repair, and maintenance of CV Scope 

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