Aerospace, US Gov’t & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Critical Infrastructure Service Valves

We take our role as the cornerstone of critical infrastructure seriously. Our range of valve solutions ensures the highest standards of performance and reliability for government and defense applications. These valves are integral to national security, meeting key specifications and enduring rigorous reviews to maintain operational excellence. In the Aerospace industry, our isolation ball valves are vital for managing fuel flow and other critical service media lines. These valves are precision-engineered to meet rigorous aerospace standards, as every millisecond of reliable operation is crucial in aviation and launchpad integrity.

One of Cornerstone Valve’s most extreme engineering challenges – valves for noise control, gas, and water systems at space launches. The solution – a ball-seat interface design that closes off bubble-tight, full cycle in 17 milliseconds. The quick opening actuators are pressurized with nitrogen to 3,000 psig.

Our products for Aerospace, US Gov’t & Defense include:

  • TE1 – Top Entry Ball Valves

  • TE4 – Top Entry Swing Check Valves

  • D-Trim – Rotary Control Valves

Case Study - Aerospace

Cornerstone is privileged to design and provide special valves to assist in space launches at both Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg AFB.

At liftoff, deluge systems protect launch pads and vehicles and their payloads from excessive blast and noise damage. Many of these payloads value more than $1 Billion.

To control noise damage, high pressure nitrogen pressurizes large vessels full of water. The water, in turn, creates pressurized water walls. The Cornerstone ANSI 1500 full bore valves charge the water systems cycle from fully closed to fully open in 17 milliseconds, then reclose to bubble tight. 

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