Power Generation

Power Generation and Renewable Energy Service Valves

Power Generation is a monumental operation. Leaky valves = loss of energy, costs, emissions, and safety concerns. Replacing a valve is more risky and costly than repairing a valve in line. And cost of ownership is far lesser when buying the right valve…We understand the critical importance of our Top Entry, in-line repairable ball valves along with side entry ball valves in power plants. These valves are indispensable for isolating equipment and controlling the flow of high temperature and high-pressure steam, and other fluids, ensuring the reliability, safety, and continuity of power generation facilities. We serve all ranges of power generation from combined cycle gas plants, traditional coal-fired power plants, renewable facilities, and exploring nuclear power facility capabilities further. Our valves are used in control valve isolation, main steam stop/isolation, feedwater heater isolation, boiler feed pump isolation, bottom ash isolation, steam trap isolation, turbine isolation, superheater spray isolation, gauge glass/Instrument isolation, pump isolation, attemperator spray isolation, bottom blowdown, block valves after control valves, in HRSG Applications, in Hydrogen & Gas Applications, and with Low Temp, Zero Emissions, FE, and other solutions varieties available.

Our products for Power Generation include:

  • TE4 Series – Top Entry, In-Line Repairable, Floating Ball Valves

  • FB Series – Side Entry, Floating and Trunnion Ball Valves

  • TE1 Series – Top Entry, Trunnion Ball Valves (in line repairable options)

  • D-Trim Series – Throttling Valves for flow control


Case Study

A Northeast power plant, realizing the costly down-time and out-of-pocket expense of recurring valve failures, replaced all their problem valves with Cornerstone’s TP-1 power valves.

The valves operate at conditions from 500psi at 1065ºF to 2420psi at 660ºF. This plant continues to replace problem valves with Cornerstone valves.

Their new facility expansion will operate solely with Cornerstone valves based on their reliable performance and low maintenance.

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