Chemical, Petrochemical, and Agriculture

Chemical, Petrochemical and Agriculture Hazard and Critical Chemical Service Valves

In the realm of petrochemical facilities, our specialized Switching Valves and others successfully performing in this space, have proven essential to their end use customers. They allow for the isolation of specific sections during turnarounds, expansions, and maintenance, ensuring the safety of personnel and the integrity of complex chemical and petrochemical processes. In Agriculture and Fertilizer applications, Our valves are are fundamental in key agriculture chemical manufacturing. They enable the safe transfer of various media, including hydrous and anhydrous ammonia and other specialty chemicals and precursors to make fertilizers, providing precise control and leak prevention. Our Engineered to Order specialization supports the demand for precision design and need for zero leakage, a crucial factor in supporting modern agriculture.

These are Cornerstone’s workhorse valves. In the face of lethal media, corrosive application and toxic emissions, these valves don’t give up. One of the industry recommended valves has a solids-proof design that has special scraper-seat faces cleaning the ball every cycle – preventing build-up.

Our products for Chemical, Petrochemical, and Agriculture include:

  • SB2 Series – Split Body Ball Valves

  • EE/ST Series – End Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves (Soft/Metal Seated)

  • FB Series – Side Entry Floating Ball Valves (Soft/Metal Seated)

Case Studies

A polypropylene reactor let-down service struggled to keep its crucial-service valves working. After spending $5,000 a week attempting to maintain operating standards, it called Cornerstone.

Cornerstone’s solids-proof design  was selected as a style replacement. Special scraper seat faces clean the ball every 5 minutes it cycles – preventing product from jamming the valve components and building on the ball. 

The result: elimination of a weekly maintenance cost of $5000 for 22 installed valves. Cornerstone model SB-2 valves have been in continuous service for the client for more than 8 years.

A petrochemical facility was challenged to find a valve solution for its high cyclic application, seeking Cornerstone to manage a switching line with 4 cycles per minute, or 240 cycles per hour – this coming to 2,102,400 cycles annually!

Former valves could not last nearly long enough to justify cost of ownership, so Cornerstone Engineering developed a Split-Body, one-piece ball/stem, Tungsten Carbide-Coated, metal seated switching valve.

The results were immediately observed and now the Plant Operator – and Cornerstone’s Team – enjoy the joint ease of a Master Service Agreement to supply a continuous stream of valves, refurbishments, and trim components. The cost of ownership savings and ease of transaction are a few benefits working with a customer-centric, specialized valve solution provider.

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